Interesting Things about Chamomile

Chamomile is part of daisy flowers family. This plant is consumed for its relaxing effects and it is caffeine free. A long time ago, Germans used chamomile to produce beer. Chamomile grows in Southern Europe and Northern Asia. It has pale green leaves and a flower made of a yellow disk with white petals. It contains volatile oils, amino-acids .The chamomile tea is very useful in colds, menstrual cramps or when you have some stomach troubles. This tea can also help you when you to have face with anxiety or sleeplessness. So, use it with caution if your job is driving or operating machines. Chamomile tea is a great drink, so we shouldn’t be surprised that it is estimated that people ingested over 1 million cups every  day. You can find chamomile tea almost in any grocery store. A cream which contains chamomile can be useful if you suffer from irritated skin and hemorroids. Some studies shows us that five cups of chamomile tea a day for at least two weeks can boost your immunity. People with diabetes can enjoy the advantages of chamomile tea which help them to reduce blood sugar levels. This herb promotes general relaxation and relieves stress. A chamomile mouthwash can keep your gums healthy. Chamomile is a real friend for the children and helps them when they suffer from diarrhea, colic or fever. Two cups of chamomile tea every day is more than enough for small children. For your children’s health, you should better talk to the doctor before. Giving them more than that can cause them allergic reactions. This tea also brings benefits for the spleen and kidneys and increases glycine in urinary levels and helps us to relieve muscle spasms.
Chamomile remedies
It’s very helpful for the liver, too and can prevent the development of cancer cells. Although it’s a wonder of nature, this plant must be avoided by the pregnant women because of the uterine contractions that can cause. Chamomile can have serious side effects if it’s combined with certain medications. The main side effects are nausea and vomiting and can be observed to the people who take higher than recommended doses of the herb. In 2006,a 70-year-old woman, treated with the drug warfarin was admitted to hospital with internal bleeding after she used chamomile tea. This tea can also enhance the effects of anti-epileptic medications, increasing their sedative and cognitive effects. Chamomile is a cheap alternative to the costly hair treatment. It can also solve both dry and oily scalp problems. It can be used especially for blond hair. You just have to wash it along with chamomile tea. If you want to dandruff, the same answer: chamomile. Chamomile is good for animals also. This plant is used in pet shampoos and conditioners. It promotes healthier skin and softer fur. For maximum effects, chamomile can be mixed with aloe vera or oatmeal. This special plant can also reduce dark, tired eyes and provides you that well-rested look. It can also help you to do a fantastic body and face scrub: just mix chamomile tea with powder milk and you’ll have a natural and magical potion. Chamomile is a good source of magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium and other vital elements that our body needs. For more interesting facts on plants and homemade remedies you can always visit our website. I am part of the Novalins team, a company specialized in medical translations, medical writing, linguistic validation and more. We are looking forward to meet you.

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