Cabbage soup Diet in a Pill?

The recently released "Cabbage soup diet pill" claims to "make the cabbage soup diet 17 times more effective, 3 times more affordable, and 100 times more hunger-proof". But can people really lose weight using cabbage soup diet pills instead of following the oldest diet in the book? We all know the cabbage soup diet works. It has been around for years and is still to this day used by celebrities looking to drop pounds quickly. But anyone who has ever tried the cabbage soup diet also knows how difficult it is to stick to. Not only is the diet extremely limited, most people complain that eating cabbage soup for every meal of every day gets real old, real quick. So... can this new pill give people the weight loss benefits without the hassle? We asked cabbage soup diet expert Katie May to review this new revolutionary diet pill to get the truth. "There is no pill, no matter how potent it may be, that will replace the effects of actually sticking to the cabbage soup diet", says Smith, "but I am very impressed with way this cabbage soup diet pill was created. 
Cabbage leaves
The ingredients can curve your appetite and make you feel full as well helping to detoxify your body". But one major difference with this new cabbage soup diet pill is that dieters do not have to stick to a rigid diet plan. "The old cabbage soup diet required that you only eat fruit and the soup the first day, only vegetables and soup the second day. It is a very difficult diet to stick to, but with the cabbage soup diet pill there is no recommended diet to follow. This can be a good thing for people who would rather choose what foods they consume on their own, and if they make responsible choices they will be able to lose weight", says Smith. "But while this pill can be very beneficial to aid weight loss, it is not a miracle pill. It will be difficult to lose weight with this cabbage soup diet pill if you are still binge eating on fat and greasy foods".

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