Dark Circles be Gone

Good morning, did you sleep well? To be honest, me either. And to imagine how I am when I wake up this early, think of a zombie. The only difference is that my life force is coffee instead of brains. So, are dark circles bothering you? Don't worry, I have a secret for you, something that will make you look as good as new. It's not gonna work right now, so you will still need to wear concealer today, but tomorrow, or whenever you don't get enough sleep, everything's gonna be alright if you listen to me. Yes, you heard me! Coconut oil baby! It will work wonders for your eyes, and all you have to do is apply a thin layer all around your eyes, and let it sit there all night. You'll wake up looking all fresh and rested, and your eye area will be super hydrated. The tiny box is just something I keep my coconut oil in, so it's easier to use. It tends to solidify when it's kept somewhere not very hot, so I find it super comfortable to use it out of the box, rather than out of the bottle. It's solid most of the times, so it would also be a waste of time to heat it every time I want to use it. Not to mention that I can never get the right amount from the bottle, it always leaks a whole lot more. Did you try the coconut oil around your eyes? Did it work just as great for you too?

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