Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

As you know I am always moaning about how my hair will never grow as it's over processed with all the bleach that I use on it so when I saw that Lee Stafford had brought out a new Hair Growth range I just had to give it a go! Hair Growth Treatment with Pro Growth complex for strength from within. Contains protein based complex to fertilize your follicles creating a healthy environment on the scalp to help hair grow faster and reach its maximum potential length. "If the earths not nourished you'll never grow beautiful flowers". The hair growth mask is perfect to use just after you have rinsed out the shampoo. Apply an egg sized amount of the pink treatment to roots and ends of your hair. Leave it for 5 - 10 minutes and rinse. I love the smell of this treatment its a fresh natural smell, I personally think it smells like lavender which is gorgeous! After using this for a few weeks now I can say that my hair feels and looks healthier especially on the ends of my hair. They are always screaming out for moisture and this is definitely doing that. However I cant say that I have noticed any growth in my hair but I guess I cant be rapunzel over night. And hair has to be healthy before it will grow so hopefully if I keep using this treatment my hair will become healthy and then decide to grow... roll on rapunzel! You can pick up Lee Stafford's Hair Growth treatment along with more of the hair growth range from your local boots. 

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