Liver Detox Diet

The liver detox diet is targeted towards cleansing the liver. The detox diet menu comprises of water, fruits and vegetables. This is a 7 day detox diet where on the first, second and third days, you drink up to 12 glasses of water per day while totally avoiding dairy products. On the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh days, squeeze some fresh organic juice from fruits and vegetables. Upon completion of this diet, gradually resume a healthy lifestyle which beats detox diets. One of the best detox diets is the raw food detox diet which is also dependent on enzymes’ action in the body. Enzymes found in raw food cleanse the digestive system. The most sustainable way of going into a raw food detox diet is by starting with small quantities of uncooked food and increasing gradually. As its name suggests, the popular three day detox diet takes three days to complete. Breakfast comprises of a cup of warm water with lemon juice instead of tea or coffee. In any particular day, ensure that you eat a cup of whole grains, a serving of fruits and raw vegetables. During any of the three days, take two doses of liver or kidney tonic. As with all detox diets, take lots of water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices.